Sometimes a change of scenery is all we really need. New destinations can break us out of our daily habits and allow us to truly focus on, and practice our running and walking. As a practiced ChiRunner and ChiWalker, there are many reasons that I not only partake in Chi Retreats, but also facilitate them. There are many benefits associated with attending retreats. This coming October, Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, we will be hosting a ChiRunning/ChiWalking retreat. And I am honored to co-facilitate the 5 day event with Master Instructor and fellow co-owner of ChiLiving, Lisa Pozzoni.

You can expect to rediscover the joy of walking and running through efficient & mindful movement. But there are many more reasons to experience a ChiRunning/ChiWalking retreat. Here are benefits of attending a ChiRunning/ChiWalking Retreat:

Instruction on Technique.

As the name indicates, at a ChiRunning and ChiWalking retreat, you’ll be immersed in the form focuses. Learning the technique can be daunting if you’re trying to do it alone. The book and digital teaching tools are a wonderful starting point. However, additional support may be necessary to fully embrace and implement the technique. Working with a Certified Instructor gives you guidance, direct feedback, and you’ll leave with your personalized top three focuses to improve your form. When you tack on three or four days with an instructor and receive:

  • repeated guidance,
  • direct feedback,
  • embedded practice time, and
  • conversations about the technique with your fellow runners/walkers and Instructor(s),

the learning grows exponentially. Your understanding will deepen. Your ability to “feel” your alignment will improve and leave you feeling confident in your movement. 

Focus on Mindset & Mind/Body Connection.

Many running retreats focus on logging miles, running races, and/or seeing new places. This is great for you explorers and jetsetters looking to check exciting things off of your bucket list. 

If you’re learning to run or walk properly, want to improve your efficiently and prevent injuries, developing a mind/body connection is paramount. 

A ChiRunning retreat provides the time and space for developing and deepening the relationship you have with yourself, your body, and your running. This holistic approach is anchored in self-exploration as you put the ChiRunning form focuses into practice.

Explore New Places & Meet New People.

Meeting other members of the ChiRunning Community is an amazing experience. Runners and walkers in general tend to be kind, fun loving folks who are taking care of themselves through healthy movement. 

ChiRunners and ChiWalkers take it to the next level. They use the Chi Principles as a method of self-care that crosses into all areas of life. When adhering to the core principles, it becomes a way of life, ChiLiving. 

Sharing space with others for an extended period of time, as you do at a ChiRunning.ChiWalking retreat, makes it easy to pick up new tips and ideas for betting your life and improving your energy levels through efficiency and alignment. And the Omega campus… It’s just gorgeous. It’s centered in nature and leaves you feeling grounded and relaxed.

Expand Your Limits.

While much of ChiRunning is connecting with yourself and improving your mind/body relationship, it also enables you to expand your limits. When moving more efficiently you may be able to run farther while feeling better. This is great if you’re experiencing a rut in your running or walking practice. 

Attending an intentional, multi-day ChiRunning/ChiWalking event will give you the opportunity to dig deep for days. Anyone can show up and run for an hour, but at a multi-day retreat, you’ll be immersed in the learning, connecting with others, and practicing your technique and growing as a ChiRunner or ChiWalker. 

Expand your joy, experience inner peace as you learn to optimize your technique and transform your exercise into a moving meditation.

The Whole Package.

ChiRunning and ChiWalking aren’t just fitness activities. The movement principles and the meditative qualities that come from your mind/body connection create a lifestyle built upon alignment and relaxation. 

What better way can you think of to get healthy and stay healthy? ChiRunning and ChiWalking encompass so much more than distance, time and mileage. 

We teach how to create a lifestyle that supports your running and walking and leaves you feeling clear, open, and relaxed, not just when you’re walking or running, but all day long.

In Conclusion.

ChiRunning & Walking Retreats help you Learn it, Live it, and Love it. Click the link for the full details and registration to the upcoming 5 Day ChiRunning & ChiWalking Retreat at Omega Institute.

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