You hear a LOT about running injuries and how much damage running can do to your body. What if the exact opposite were true and running could be therapeutic and heal you from the inside out?

I’ve been a long time runner and know both sides of running, the hurting and the healing. I’d like to share with you how to make your runs more therapeutic so you can run with ease and grace until late in life.

1. Change Your Goal.

Rather than focusing on completing a specific number of miles or doing it in a certain time, shift your goal to getting out for a run and enjoying it, well into your 80’s. Make your ultimate goal about longevity and use individual races/workouts as benchmark

2. Learn Proper Running Form.

Lots of people tell you how far and fast to run, but do they tell you what your body is doing? Do you know how to decrease the impact on your body while running? Do you know how to be more energy efficient? If you have not taken a Chi Running Clinic, I highly suggest it. It changed my WORLD!!!!!

3. Ditch Your Technology.

Take at least one run per week to go tech-free. Open your senses and experience the peacefulness of nature or the incredible energy of a robust community. Wherever you are, immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy being free of your phone or watch.

4. Be Present in Your Body.

When you are present in your body, you will actually hear the messages it tells you. Too often we focus elsewhere and miss out on important sensory messages from our body. When you are present, you can use the information to course correct, make a change and even avoid an injury!

5. Focus on Your Breath.

Deep breathing has so many positive benefits and can be very calming. To run well, we need oxygen. The more deep we breathe, the more oxygen we get because the majority of the oxygen exchange happens in the lowest 1/3 of our lungs.

6. Do a 5 Senses Run.

While at Kripalu in 2015 learning from Danny Dreyer, he took us on a 5-sense run and I recommend it to everyone. Set your watch to beep every 6 minutes. Each time it beeps focus on a different sense: Sight, Sound, Taste, Feel, and Smell. Your 30 minutes will pass quickly and you’ll experience something new!

7. Allow Yourself the Space to Improve.

Be kind to yourself and let yourself move at a pace that feels good. When you force yourself to move at a pace beyond your capabilities you not only risk an injury, but also may create a negative feeling toward your relationship with running. Keep your run therapeutic by allowing yourself to improve at your natural pace.

8. Celebrate Your Body After Each Run.

The biggest key to making your run therapeutic is to show yourself gratitude for your accomplishment. Being able to go out and run is a blessing and a gift. Celebrate what your body does for you and watch your self-love and satisfaction soar!

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I help struggling runners ditch excuses so they can get consistent, feel good and love running again. 

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