About ChiRunning

About ChiRunning


Run like a child again. Go farther and faster with less effort.


Enjoy injury-free running
and lessened impact on your joints.

ChiRunning is for every level of runner. It is based on the principles of T’ai Chi, which focuses on moving the body in a natural order. The big muscles do the big work, the smaller muscles carry a smaller load, and the smallest muscles almost none. This contrasts with how most people run. Traditional running strides place the burden of propulsion on the small muscles of your legs rather than tapping into the abundance of power in your core. 

ChiRunning teaches you to shift your workload to those core muscles.

This shift away from how most adults run allows your leg muscles to do less work and your lower leg muscles to do hardly any work at all. 

Reduce fatigue and the impact and overuse injuries that plague so many runners. Minimize impact injuries by perfecting a midfoot strike that dramatically reduces your impact. Overuse injuries are a thing of the past when you learn to relax and run efficiently, minimizing the use of your lower legs .

Run lightly and swiftly, reminiscent of how you ran as a child.
When running meant freedom and joy.

ChiRunning Makes a Difference

Nailed My Form.

“I didn't know if I was doing it quite right and getting back into running as an adult was a little scary. Who has the time for pain or injuries and being out of commission? Sarah has helped me nail my form before injuries could crop up and I haven't looked back. I'm so glad that I can run with my friends and do all of the races I want!”
Andrea Spucches
Kick Ass Compliance Manager & Mom of Two

This is your life. RISE UP AND RUN WITH IT.


No! ChiRunning is for every level of runner. Even someone who has never run before can learn to run consistently and without injury.

No. ChiRunning teaches you proper body alignment and running form that lessens impact on your joints. Your core strengthens as your body works less and relaxes more, resulting in running with more efficiency and no pain.

You might feel funny or awkward at first. You’ll likely be unlearning how you’ve been running in order to learn the alignment and stride of ChiRunning. But, we’ll provide instruction, feedback, and support as you learn and even after you’ve “mastered” ChiRunning. Your confidence will grow as you build running habits that will last a lifetime.  

❤︎ Supported Action Creates Results ❤︎

Confidence is Just Around the Corner