Meet ~  Sarah Richardson

Running Enthusiast, Author & Coach

Meet ~

Sarah Richardson

Running Enthusiast, Author & Coach

Sarah Richardson

Running Enthusiast,
Author & Coach

Imagine the relationship you could have with your body
as you begin to meet your running goals...


About Sarah Richardson

I have a passion for running. I also have a passion for helping people. Those two things came together and the result is Rise And Shine Running!

I’ve always been a runner. The first time running became “official” for me was when I ran cross country in middle school. I got hooked quickly. Running helped me gain strength and stay healthy physically and mentally.

Running remained a huge part of my life as an adult. I ran marathons where I raised money for charities. Those events were great because they allowed me to combine my love of running with my desire to help others.

My life as a runner remained injury free. Until it didn’t. One wrong step in a pothole resulted in an ankle injury that didn’t heal correctly. When I started running again, I couldn’t run more than two miles and was in a lot of pain.

What happens when a lifelong runner goes from running marathons to not being able to run two miles?

Depression. Anxiety. Fifty-pound weight gain. Decreased physical and mental health.

Something had to change. 

When I found ChiRunning, I hoped it would be the solution to my problems. I learned the philosophy and methodology from the founder himself. And soon, I was able to run again. Pain-free. That year I ran FIVE half-marathons. I wasn’t the fastest runner out there. But I finished all of them. Pain-free. 

ChiRunning gave me my life back. It gave me myself back. I was able to deal with life again. I was able to find joy. 

It wasn’t an instant solution. I had to show up. Consistently. Just like we all have to show up in our lives. I had to be patient with the process – it wasn’t a quick-fix. Lasting change rarely is. But I learned how to feel good in my body. I learned to be proud of incremental accomplishments and to celebrate my wins, big or small. 

I realized something important. I wanted to share my transformation with others. I wanted to teach other runners what I had learned so they could experience it, too. So they could build running practices free of pain and full of joy. 

Personalized attention and ongoing support are my superpowers! 

I look forward to providing a space for people dedicated to the process to show up. People like you!

I can’t wait to share my passion for running with you. To help you discover your potential and reach your goals. And to guide you to build a practice that allows you to run with confidence and consistency. For a lifetime. 

❤︎ Supported Action Creates Results ❤︎

Confidence is Just Around the Corner