Acute Injuries Happen to Runners

Even the best of plans can be interrupted due to an accident. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when your training comes to a screeching halt due to an acute injury.  I’ve been fortunate enough, since learning how to ChiWalk and ChiRun, to only have one overuse injury (self-inflicted) during the past 8 […]

5 Benefits of Attending a ChiWalking/ChiRunning Retreat

Sometimes a change of scenery is all we really need. New destinations can break us out of our daily habits and allow us to truly focus on, and practice our running and walking. As a practiced ChiRunner and ChiWalker, there are many reasons that I not only partake in Chi Retreats, but also facilitate them. […]

I’m Sick, Should I Run Today???

Have you ever woken up feeling terrible from a head or chest cold????  And your training for something and trying to stick to your plan???  What should you do? What is best for your body?  Here’s a quick video of what I do: Or read the transcript here: I was thrown off of my […]

Stay Running During The Busy Season

Is your running on the back burner this holiday season because it’s “Crunch Time?” Beginning at Thanksgiving, it can often seem like our obligations fill up our calendar before we know what happened! During “Crunch Times” we need to take even better care of ourselves so we can bring our best to all situations that […]

Three Ways to Make Running Fun

Or Read the Transcript: Sometimes running seems like a chore. Just an item on your to-do list. When this happens you might be asking yourself, “What will make running FUN again?”  I have worked with many clients who want to stick to their running routine and are looking for ways to increase the joy in […]

Why It’s So Hard to Start Running!

As a Running Coach, I get this question all of the time! And I’ve BEEN there a few times  when I had to reclaim my running practice, so I’ve been through it first hand. Coming back from a running hiatus or getting started for the first time can be a challenge. This video blog sheds […]

5 Ways to Tackle Tech-Neck

With proper running form it’s important to have good posture where your shoulders are over your hips, and your hips are over your ankles. The added bonus is when you can keep your ears in the equation and have your ears over your shoulders. This will set up your skeletal system to do its job […]

8 Ways to Make Your Run Therapeutic

You hear a LOT about running injuries and how much damage running can do to your body. What if the exact opposite were true and running could be therapeutic and heal you from the inside out? I’ve been a long time runner and know both sides of running, the hurting and the healing. I’d like […]