Running Can

Feel Good

Right Now!

Hey, I’m Sarah.

I teach struggling runners how to prevent injuries, get consistent love running again. 

(even if you’re not running yet)

Hey, I’m Sarah.

I teach struggling runners how to prevent injuries, get consistent love running again. 

(even if you’re not running yet)

Run with confidence & consistency - for a lifetime.

Create a safe and sustainable running practice you love and can last a lifetime.

Join us for personalized instruction and ongoing support & encouragement to help you find yourself in running.

❤︎ Supported Action Creates Results ❤︎

Confidence is Just Around the Corner

Want to start running, but afraid of getting injured?

Struggling with discomfort or injury?

Or are you simply looking for a way to move past frustration to a place of inner strength and confidence? 

ChiRunning is the Answer.

You can feel good while running. You can run with joy and ease. You can take charge of your life and build confidence. A healthy, injury-free running practice is the answer to living your best life. 

Find personalized attention, support, and encouragement.

Learn to create a mindset for motivation – you’ll be eager to get out there each day, no matter the distance or pace. 

About Sarah

My passion for running and helping others was interrupted by an injury. The discovery of a “new” way to run based on the principles of an ancient martial art led to a new passion. Helping others – runners and non-runners alike – feel amazing in their bodies for a lifetime. 


About ChiRunning

ChiRunning is for every level – from complete beginners to advanced runners.  Enjoy the benefits of incorporating principles of T’ai Chi into running. Reduce injuries, increase efficiency, and experience the joy of running. For a lifetime. 



Create a consistent running practice that serves your goals for a healthy life – mind and body. Learn ChiRunning methods and experience the benefits of our supportive and encouraging communities including The Consistency Club, Clinics, and Retreats. 


The Consistency Club Makes a Difference

Thanks a Zillion! Thank you Coach Sarah for coaching me to the finish line! Your support and encouragement was the key to finishing my first marathon strong and healthy. Most of all, thank you for the gift of fun and pain free running! ~ A Real Runner, Dawn
Super Mom, Wife & Entrepreneur

Conquer inner voices and excuses that keep you from achieving your goals

Community, consistency, commitment to safety. Find all of this and more inside The Consistency Club. 

  • Learn how to move your body to prevent injury and interruption to your routine. 
  • Understand what thoughts and habits keep you motivated and energized. 
  • Experience the freedom that comes from  knowing you showed up for yourself
  • Feel great about your body, sound in your practice, and grateful for the place walking/running has in your life. 
  • Find calm and relief as you learn to trust yourself to prioritize your health and happiness through walking and running. 


Experience all of this and so much more within this supportive community.

Ready for pain free running? Let's talk.