Day 1: The Function of Running

If you haven’t watched the Welcome video that gives an overview of how the video series rolls out, you can check it out here…  Welcome Video

Function= The Runner’s Healthstyle

  • How do you stay driven?
  • What is your Big Why?
  • What personal benefits does running bring to your life?

Once you have your Big Why, compelling reason for running, you have to:

  1. Prioritize it
  2. Schedule it
  3. Show up for it

When you continually do this you are doing what I call “Running Your Life.”  You keep promises to yourself and follow through, raising your vibrational energy, which is contagious to others!

If you are not doing this, two things might be interferring:

  1. You don’t have a compelling enough reason to show up
  2. Your thought process interferes and you talk yourself out of showing up

Either way, there are solutions for both. Take the time today to determine your Big Why for running. Is it compelling enough to get you going on a regular basis?