Day 2: The Form of Running:

If you haven’t watched the previous videos, you can check them out here…

Form= Proper Running Form

  • Injury rate 30-90% injury rate for runners
  • Check your form before switching sneakers when injured
  • Misalignment, Overstriding (heel striking) & Overuse cause most injuries

Chi Running (I swear by it!!!!!):

  • Created by Danny & Katherine Dreyer
  • Energy efficient
  • Prevents Injuries
  • Natural approach to running
  • Shifts the workload off of your legs and into your core
  • Rely on your skeletal system for support
  • Use gravity for forward propulsion (pushes us forward, no effort needed)
  • Use the force of the oncoming road to swing our legs rearward (neutralizes the impact)
Check out the links below for more information on Chi Running and how you can learn proper form. There are instructors world wide. I’ve included links to the written and digital information for DIY, all offerings that I have in person scheduled to date, and a greater list of instructors so you can hopefully find one in your area. Chi Running Books/Materials Sarah’s Upcoming Chi Running Clinics & Running Retreats Global Chi Running Clinic Link If you need help at all or have questions, send me an email at: