Day 5: 4 Pillars of Motivation:

If you haven’t watched the previous videos, you can check them out here…  

4 Pillars:

  1. Therapeutic: You should come back from your run feeling better than when you left! Whatever that means to you… clear mind, problems solved, loosened body, out of breath exhilarated. You define what it means to feel better an run for it! 
  2. Experiential: Create an experience out of run. Use your senses to tap into what is happening around you and within you. Connect to your place and make a lasting memory of your run. Let nostalgia bring you back to different runs over the years due to the experiential nature of your practice. 
  3. Custom: Know your body and its capabilities on a daily basis. Some days going full tilt is not an option. Other days it is. Design your runs around your needs, desires and goals. When you customize your run, you are taking care of you. 
  4. Communal: Make your run bigger than yourself. It may mean running with others, but might not. Meeting with friends is an option, running for a charity is another. And another example could be picking up garbage as you run. When you run, you show up for you and when that happens you show up for others in a more positive way and that is contagious!