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I’m honored that you took the time to read From Sidelines to Start Lines and came over here to claim your free gifts!  I hope that you were able to take some valuable information from the book and start putting it to good use.  


Introduction to Your Sustainable Running Toolkit:






Your Running Goals Worksheet




Module 1:  The Outer Game of Running:






Outer Game Brainstorm Sheet

Outer Game Checklist


For more information about running form check out:

Chi Running


Module 2:  The Inner Game of Running






Inner Game Worksheet

Inner Game Checklist


Module 3:  The 4 Pillars of a Sustainable Running Practice






4 Pillar Worksheet

4 Pillars Checklist


Module 4:  Commitment 






Commitment Worksheet

Commitment Checklist


Rewriting Your Truths:

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Your Virtual Running Community!

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