Detailed Instructions for getting your Video Analysis:

Step 1: Fill Out Form

Look in your email inbox for your [Step 1] instructions. In the email is a link to a form for you to fill out. The email title will look like this: If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Step 2: Recording Your Videos

This can be super simple and easy. All you need is a smartphone that can take video and access to the Rise And Shine Running FB page. You’ll be sending me two separate videos, each no longer than 30 seconds. Watch the tutorial video below to see what will give you the best results.
Video Tips:
  • Use your smartphone to record the video
  • Record holding the phone sidewise in the landscape position
  • Have a friend/family video you (Asking for help is a good thing)
  • Wear shorts or tights in a color other than black (it makes it hard to see your knees)
  • Wear a form fitting shirt on top rather than baggy sweatshirts or jackets
  • Find a flat, evenly surfaced area (parking lots are great, large indoor gyms are good too)
  • Be sure the sun is to the side or behind you so there is no shadowing
  • If on a treadmill you’ll be able to do side view and a rear view
  • Run at your normal speed
  • Wear your normal sneakers

Step 2: Delivering Your Videos

  • Now that the two videos are on your smartphone, make sure they are saved in your photos
  • Open the FB messenger
  • Find Rise And Shine Running and like the page so you can easily find it in your messenger
  • Send the two videos through messenger, one at a time (you’ll want to use messenger to keep it private versus posting it on the page)
  • Sarah will let you know she got them and then send the analysis back within 7 days

Step 3: Scheduling Your 30 Minute Follow Up Consultation Call

  • Keep a lookout for your email that contains your completed analysis
  • In that email will be a link to schedule your 30 minute call!