“What the Heck do I Look Like???


Are you wondering what you look like when you run? Are you doing it right? Are you more like Phoebe from Friends, flapping your wings and jumping from foot to foot or are you more like Paula Radcliffe paving the way for women’s running records with impeccable form?

Are you curious what’s working for you and what might be working against you?

Are you concerned about injuries? Has your body been talking to you during your runs (in not such a nice way)? Have you felt tired, sore or cramped up while you’re out there?

How about aches and pains after your run? Are you constantly icing your legs, switching your shoes, dealing with toenails falling off?

Running is a rough sport… If you let it get that way. Running with proper alignment and following the principles of Chi Running can eliminate many aches, pains, and injuries. It can also help you become super efficient!

But you won’t know how to help yourself if you don’t know what you’re currently doing when you run. 

A video analysis will help you get up close and personal with your individual running form. It will give you an accurate baseline of your current running form and allow you to:

Start the problem solving process for any aches, pains or chronic injuries. 

You will clearly see any imbalances or misalignments in your running. I do this for all of my clients and consistently hear that it’s the most powerful teaching tool in my toolbox. 

What’s Included in your Video Analysis:

  1. Narration of your form step by step on a side view of you running
  2. Narration of your form step by step on a front/rear view of you running
  3. Top three tips specific to your running form that will improve your efficiency and ward off injury
  4. A 20 minute followup conversation with me so you can ask questions or dig deeper

To get started, click the link below:

Please note that you will need a few things to get your video analysis:

  • A smartphone with online capability
  • A tripod or a friend to take the video
  • Access to Facebook to deliver the video